They Hate Change - Maneuvers

The newest shit for your ears, 5 more joints to close out 2019, a very very special year.
Featuring Tampa Bay staple Kaysmoov on the title track, best adlibs of 2000-thousand.
Go cop this joint from DBA if you wanna give us some bread, or stream it if you not hip to Bandcamp yet.
Watch the video for Lakeside too.

- Changeset

They Hate Change - Lakeside (by Xandra Robyn)

“They Hate Change deliver their 3rd ep of 2019, just to make sure no one mistakes this shit for a game.
Relentless raps from down the block, beats from a future on your doorstep. Clearwater represent.”
- Deathbomb Arc

They Hate Change - Juices Run Clear

“Ain’t no advertising behind me, no budget behind my rhymes...”

Our hardest shit thus far depending who you ask, with a taste all the little flavors and embellishments of our signature style presented here. Just a taste though. Dipset mixtapes and Jam Pony mixtapes and Ariel Pink albums inspired the whole joint.
Hi-Fi Jungle Beats to Rave/MC to. This was supposed to be our collab joint, like the joint where we link with everybody we dig. We did it ourselves though.

- ChangeSet

They Hate Change - Giancarlo

They Hate Change - Basics

(videos by Xandra Robyn)

“For their second ep of 2019, Change go back to the music that defined their teen years for inspiration, updating it in all the future sound ways they’re known for.
Mics are passed. Beats are caressed. Drones breeze through the streets, summoning every air conditioning obsessed neighbor out into the streets to feel what new frequency Change is vibrating on.”
- Deathbomb Arc

They Hate Change - Clearwater

“Took this shit over from round the way...”

Instant classic. All in your ear.
Play this shit on laptop speakers. Then talk to us about it. It was tight right?
Promo videos by the homie Robert Gallardo. Peace to Scott Sternberg, send the pack sweaty ; ^ *

“Bridging the worlds of block party raps and dissonant experimentation, They Hate Change are hip hop for a new world. Smile on the road to revolution.” - Deathbomb Arc

They Hate Change - Cycles

Our first Deathbomb release, the beginning of some extra cool shit.
A whole record about being broke as hell in community college working bad jobs. ~who can relate~
All re-mastered and re-issued for your listening pleasure, plus a bunch of rare + unreleased tracks from the original “Cycles” sessions and our early pre-Deathbomb records. 

“Deluxe reissue of They Hate Change's 2015 release on Deathbomb Arc, 'Cycles'.
Expanded from 9 tracks to 16, featuring remastered b-sides, one offs, and brand new joints!!” - Deathbomb Arc

They Hate Change - Now, and Never Again

“Conversations bout what we got next...”

Hella raps, hella beats. 22 minute album before niggas was making 22 minute albums (probably).
Peace to Daido Moriyama. We should’ve did more videos for this shit.

They Hate Change - Chase (by Kenny Bobby)

“They Hate Change bring a 90s bedroom pop sensibility to their production which highlights their fun and playful manner of passing verses back and forth and embracing old school mannerisms with forward thinking beats and tech.” - Deathbomb Arc

They Hate Change - Meters

Tracks only suitable for vocals from the Super Dupe himself. One day.
Odd metered hard instrumental shit, for the soul. Rap on something, send it to us.

“They Hate Change bring as much to their music from in production as in their flows.
For the latest entry in the Deathbomb Arc Mixtape Series, they present a short collect of ambient inspired instrumentals highlighting the production side of their work.”
- Deathbomb Arc